Spontaneous Encounters

Today I visited the Dekalb Market with my wife and son. Dekalb market is a collection of booths and salvaged shipping containers where starting entrepreneurs, artists and designers can sell their products and art.

They describe themselves as:

Dekalb Market is a new community destination in Downtown Brooklyn. Dekalb Market, is housed in a collection of salvaged shipping containers, that bring together Brooklyn’s creative entrepreneurs in a community setting that include an incubator farm, events and performance venue, and a collection of eateries and work-sell spaces.

While walking over the market I came across the booth of Brandt and Carrie who work together under the name The FutureFuture. I immediately recognized their 3D printed jewelry and could not resist to ask where they print their jewelry and they told me they print with Shapeways.
It is so awesome to spontaneously run into Shapeways community members who use our service to make great products. Although I know we have thousands of customers for whom we manufacture thousands of products every month I aim still pleasantly surprised when I meet them. Especially when it is on a local market just 10 minutes from my home.

For Brandt and Carrie designing and selling jewelry is a hobby. Their day jobs are in architecture and their jewelry is clearly inspired by architectural forms. They use their income to bootstrap their jewelry business and – who knows – maybe they can leave day jobs in the future and become full time jewelry designers. If you are interested here you can find their Shapeways shop.

Yesterday evening during a party I met a guy who uses Shapeways to make prototypes to show to his customers before starting mass production of tens of thousands copies in the far east. Just imagine that a lot of products you can buy at Bed Bath & Beyond are first made and evaluated via Shapeways before it arrives in the stores is just awesome to hear.

I can still remember 10 months ago when I for the first time stood in the elevator of our apartment building after just moving. I started a conversation with the guy who was in the elevator with me. He asked me how I ended up in New York and I explained about our company moving to New York and about how we as an internet service enable people to make what they want. Somehow I forgot to mention our name. He explained to me that he just ordered a sample kit from a similar company called “Shapeways”. You can imagine how delighted I was to hear that. Literally the first person I met in our building is a Shapeways customer.

For me these stories are portray what Shapeways is and what we trying to achieve. To enable people to design, make and sell their ideas and products.