Sign Of The Times

ONE OF THE FASCINATING THINGS to watch on my blog are the search keywords used by visitors from search engines. I find it fascinating, because it gives a sign of the times on what people are thinking about with regard to 3D printing. I did a fast analysis today of the last 3 months of search traffic and normalized the search keywords. These are the top 5 search topics for my blog.

  1. 3D printing as a hobby
  2. Who invented 3D printing
  3. 3D printing and intellectual property
  4. Impact of 3D printing on the world
  5. Limitations of 3D printing.

I call this the sign of the times of 3D printing today. Many people search for information about hobby 3D printers and what they can do with such a printer. It is interesting that people search for the inventor, as well. I guess that many students are writing papers about 3D printing and where better to start than the invention of 3D printing itself.

Interesting enough is that intellectual property with regard to 3D printing scores so high. Maybe it is because I wrote a few posts around that topic. Although many more articles on high traffic sites have appeared in the last couple of weeks thanks to the Pirate Bay blog post.

But people are also starting to think about what 3D printing means and can provide. They ask questions like what is the impact of 3D printing on existing industries or society as a whole. At the same time, they wonder what the limitations are.

Of course, this analysis is completely unscientific and totally biased since it is based on my own blog and I only write about specific topics. Though it is still interesting to see, what the state of mind is on the internet with regard to 3D printing. Clearly there is a lot of interest in 3D printing as a hobby. But at the same time people are still learning about 3D printing, what it means and the ramifications of 3D printing as a technology.