Power of the long tail in advertising

A perfect example of the power of the long tail is the change Google brought in advertising. Their AdWords system brings advertising power to everybody. Advertising was only reserved for big coorporations and huge ad budgets. Google’s system enables anybody to advertise and small coorporations or even individuals are able to advertise on big brand new media sites like Amazon or Google.com itself.

For this reason I created a shameless self promotion ad. Not because I want to advertise myself but just because I can. With a budget of only $5 / month I could advertise myself using my name as keywords. Of course the ad is not shown very often (who searches on Robert Schouwenburg at Google.com or Amazon.com?) but still it works brilliantly.

It feels like advertising on a major TV channel or major subscription magazine. I think it is a great example of the Long Tail. Internet enables niche advertising because you can target very precise target groups with tiny budget.