KLM how about it?

KLM logoKLM used to be a reputable airline. Unfortunately the experiences of the last two flights leave me with a different impression. Is it Air France influence?

What happened? Well we flown from Amsterdam to New York for a long weekend. And outside that actual flights did go through everything else went wrong.

I like to check in online to get good seats. I am kind of big and like my space. The online check in procedure on the inbound flight did not work because of some unexplained reason. We had to check in at the airport. So no good seats for us. And although we booked together our seats where not next to each other.

Next we arrived in New York and we were informed that they forgot to bring our suitcase. After 2,5 days they managed to bring our suitcase to our hotel. Which was also the day before we left. Just in time to bring it home with us.

Of course we were not able to check in online for our return flight because the Delta airlines — who handles the KLM flights from JFK airport — did not have a seating arrangement for the plane. And again we were not seated together.

We paid for full fare for the flight but for some reason I always end up in V-class seats. In these seats you only get 25% of the award / level miles for their Flying Blue loyalty program. When I book early I get these seats and when I book late. Most of the time I pay full fare. So it looks like KLM have implemented a cost reduction program without telling us – you know the customers. You only get 100% when booking a flexible ticket which is ridiculous.

KLM – this needs fixing. And tip of the day, if you manage to forget someone’s suitcase it would be a nice gesture to bring a “sorry about this” letter together with the suitcase. At least pretend that you care about your customers.