Google Android under attack and rightly so!

David Drummond – Chief Legal Officer of Google – is complaining on a company blog about Apple and Microsoft are banding together to attack Android. He finds it unfair.

His arguments about the patent system are completely valid but he is completely missing the point. Microsoft and Apple are annoyed by Google disrupting economics in the smart phone market by giving away their operating system for free. Google claims it spurs innovation. I disagree and personally I find Android anti-competitive. They are destroying the smart phone market and doing that from their advertising revenues.

To be honest I watch with interest how Apple and Microsoft are trying to put a price tag on Android which is reasonable and bring back functioning economics back into the smart phone market. For ones the ridiculous patent system is used to do good!

And to David Drummond I would like to say good luck on reforming the patent system. I totally support your cause. Google is now grown up and part of big boys league – see it as a compliment. This how they do business. If you like or not.