Goodbye Shapeways!

ALL GOOD THINGS come to an end. The time has come for me to leave Shapeways and start to work on new projects and ideas. The last 5 years at Shapeways have been exciting and exhilarating. We achieved so much. The company has grown from an idea to multinational with 4 offices worldwide and over 50 employees. Shapeways has closed two rounds of funding and is the market leader in her segment.

Shapeways old logo

I can still remember in the early days while building up the upload-to-print systems and testing 3D printing, we had serious challenges to find and create good test sets of 3D models. 3D models which were fit for 3D printing and at the same time posed some challenges for 3D printers and the 3D printing process. Now Shapeways has printed over 750.000 3D models in 2011 alone. It is a staggering number.

Shapeways is more than a company. It is the designers who make Shapeways what it is. I have met so many of you. It was my privilege to work with all of you. It is your inspiring designs which makes building something like Shapeways so fulfilling. I will keep following all of you. Please keep surprising me!

I trust in the awesome team I leave behind, that they can grow and mature Shapeways, to take it into new directions and make social fabrication part of society and culture. I look back on my days at Shapeways with fondness. Some very good memories have been made. I am sure new milestones will be reached this year and the years beyond. I am going to make my own new memories. Good luck to Shapeways and the team!

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  • Ann Marie Shillito

    Well done, Robert, for making the
    move as it must be the most challenging thing to do and I admire you for this! What
    Shapeways has achieved is remarkable. Regarding your remark about ‘serious challenges to find and
    create good test sets of 3D models’ in the early days! Wish I’d known as
    I would have been very obliging and enjoyed the challenged of creating models
    to test your systems. Since 2006 I have tested our 3D modelling prototype software and the commercial package by designing with them and getting the
    3D models 3D printed – expensive but valuable for getting it right and getting feedback from the print companies!

    • Robert Schouwenburg

      Thanks Ann Marie!

      Indeed we could used some help at the time. But hey we got there. In the end with innovation, it happens more often that multiple people are solving the same problem at the same time without knowing about each other.

  • Erik de Bruijn – Ultimaker

    Congratulations in playing such an instrumental role in this company that is now leading the new breed of community-centric creative industry. I hope that you’ll enjoy your new projects/endeavors!

    • Robert Schouwenburg

      Thanks Erik! Let’s keep in touch!

  • Asher N

    In the corporate world “seeking a new venture” most of the time means personal or business disagreements with the board or the CEO.

    Anything to do with the CEO’s bad ethics?  shaving off designers sales and payments since 2010?

    Just last week “another” bug was found by team Shapeways which created yet another payment discrepancy for Shapeways designers community… when will it end?

    I hope you left Shapeways because you couldn’t sand for this immoral actions by the CEO.

    Shapeways has lost 1.4 million Euros in 2009 according to the CEO, if it still does that explain the above.

    I whish you great success with your new endeavors 


  • Scott Heiden (GWMT)

     Thank you for helping create Shapeways, Robert. I hope your next venture is just as revolutionary.

    • Robert Schouwenburg

      It is was my pleasure Scott!

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