2012 Wrap Up!

LIKE LAST YEAR I have made a list of the most popular posts on my blog. This year’s list is a bit different than last year’s. Last year’s list contained more technical posts while this year’s popular posts are more soft topics.

So Who Invented 3D Printing Anyway?

There is still lots of interest in who invented 3D printing. I am sure these are students writing a paper on 3D printing.

First 3D Printing Franchising Chain

Imprimate is still the only 3D printing franchising chain in existence as far as I know. I have not read much about them since then, and I wonder how well they are doing. They list only 4 locations on their site.

Impact of 3D Printing on Supply Chain

Next to the simplification of production processes, I think that supply chain is going to be one the major impacted areas by 3D printing. The ability of local production and the reduction of the necessary parts to make a product will change how supply chain will look like in the future. I find this one of the most exciting areas and cannot wait to see this into reality.

Value Creation in 3D Printing

There are so many opportunities in 3D printing and in this post I try to list the areas where those opportunities exist. I actually expect that 2013 is going to be interesting. 3D printing has gotten quite some attention the last 2 years and the collective mindshare on 3D printing has grown enormously. Although the media attention will probably go away – there is always a new thing to write about – I have high hopes that we will see some interesting startups and corporate initiatives in 2013.

Open Source SLS Printer Design Released

I have not seen much news about this printer. But it still a milestone. Nobody would have thought SLS was attainable within the hobby realm, and now it is. It is exciting to see bottom-up innovation pushing the boundaries of the existing players in the market. Hence also the reason why 3D Systems decided to go after Formlabs.

I wrote in total 53.610 words in all my 127 posts in 2 years. That is the size of a novel. I was actually a little stunned by that number.

Overall I think 2012 was the year that 3D printing hit mainstream mindshare. Larger and more well-known publications have been writing about 3D printing. It is also the year of the rise of new hobby 3D printers. I cannot remember seen so many announcements of projects and companies going to make or plan to introduce a hobby 3D printer.

It was a great year for 3D printing, and I cannot wait how 2013 will unfold.

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    Robert, I am writing an article about 3D printing and its potential impact on franchising, and would like to interview you via phone week of 1/28. Could you send me a time or two that you’re available?, Beth Ewen, Franchise Times, bewen@franchisetimes.com

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    This is pretty exciting stuff. I recently wrote an article on the future of clothing manufacturing, due the advances in 3D printing. Looks like the clothing retail industry is set to be transformed! http://bit.ly/11HbCv7